Download Jailbreak iOS8 iPhone 5, iPhone 6

Top 10 Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 8 Now, The jailbreak for iOS 8 series of updates has been officially launched by the Chinese jailbreak team Pangu recently. The initial release of the jailbreak was mainly targeted to tweak developers. It did not have the provision for installing Cydia at that time, but now the upgraded version of Cydia for iOS 8 is also available for download and installation. If you are not in a hurry to jailbreak and install Cydia, it is better to wait till Pangu launches the full version of jailbreak.


For the time being, we will be discussing here the reasons for performing a jailbreak on your iOS 8 device.

  1. Features for customizing your device– Who does not like their device to look unique from others by customizing it with their personal themes, extra keyboard options, additional homescreen icons, extra options for their dock and lots more? This is exactly what the jailbreak offers its users.
  2. More features in the Messages application– Apple has already made a lot of improvements on the existing Messages app with iOS 8. Jailbreak gives the user yet more options like BiteSMS which can enhance your experience of messaging from the device.
  3. Improvisation in the Lock Screen– iOS 8 already has some improvements with the notification center in which users can perform actions directly from there rather than opening the particular application. Jailbreak takes this feature a notch higher by displaying the notifications in the lock screen itself. The tweak called IntelliScreenX is used for this purpose.
  4. Improved Control Center- The jailbreak developers have created a tweak called CCToggles which enables users to quickly access a large number of applications directly from the Control Center.
  5. Increase efficiency- Apple’s latest iPhone devices, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus already have a lot of new options which increase the efficiency of the device. With jailbreak, this can be enhanced with the use of tweaks like Activator when accessing the home button, volume option and many more.
  6. Cydia tweak for tethering- In a normal device, tethering tends to impose a lot of fees and charges for frequent use. It is much better for a user to jailbreak the iOS 8 device and use the tweak called MyWi in which the user gets unlimited options for tethering by just paying a one-time charge. However, there is the danger of being detected by the authorities which will ultimately lead to paying a huge fine for performing illegal activity.
  7. Better protection against unauthorized people- Although Apple has already provided security aspects such as Activation Lock and Find my iPhone, but the jailbreak tweaks such as iGotYa and iCaughtU enhances security by clicking snapshots of people who use the device without authorization.
  8. Make alterations in the default applications– Apple normally creates its own application for every function and does not encourage its users to use application from third-party developers. Jailbreak tweaks such as BrowserChanger and MapsOpener broadens your choices for downloading applications.
  9. Use Wi-Fi connection even when on 3G network- Using 3G network becomes a burden on your expenses as well as the usage of the phone. Tweaks such as My3G have the ability to make the applications believe that the device is still using a Wi-Fi connection though it is actually in a 3G network.
  10. Substitute the App Switcher– Jailbreak tweaks such as Auxo 2 have the ability to substitute the App Switcher on the iOS 8 device and enables the user to switch off all the applications which are running in the background in a single shot.

Apart from these tweaks, there are several other tweaks which gives more reason to jailbreak your iOS 8 device.