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It’s no secret that almost everyone these days owns cell phones; from our senior citizens to our pre-teen children.  Not only cell phones, but tablets, iPads, iPods and other items that are easy to break.  With this said, the need for screen repairs are on the rise.

Make hundreds per month repairing cracked iPhone screens

With the sales of cell phones on the rise, so are the incidents of cracked glass, broken home buttons, and other accidents causing your precious link to the world to become dysfunctional.  Knowing this, now is the best time to start an iphone repair business and cash in on not just iPhones, but also all platforms that are becoming famous.  You may have thought about this in the past, but dismissed it as just an idea but you couldn’t actually fix a cracked screen without taking a class.  This has never been less true.  You don’t even need to know how to solder. Now with the link above, you can be on your way to starting your own phone repair business and making some pretty decent cash.  Let us break this down into numbers so you can have a better picture of how much money you can make.

First, your time is valuable and this is where you will make your money.  I like to set my cost per hour to around $35-$40 per hour.  The screen for the iPhone 5C costs about $25. It takes about 20 minutes to repair this screen along with the other iPhone 5 screens.   If you charge $65, then you’re making $40 per hour. However, the back of an iPhone 4 costs about $5.  Charge $35 for this and you’ve made $30 in only FIVE minutes!

Can I afford the tools of the trade?

Tools may be another big setback for you if you don’t know the business.  However, you can start off with just a couple of screwdrivers and pry tools that come with most iPhone screens if you purchase them on eBay.  Set up a table in a room in your home, buy some of the screw storage bins or like I used when I first started, a fishing lure box to organized all of your parts, tools, screws, and other odds and ends that make the business run smoother.  Once you get into the business, you can afford to spend more money on fancier tools like screwdrivers with magnetic tips, et cetera, but these aren’t necessary, just a luxury.

There is only one special screwdriver needed for the iPhone.  It’s called a pentalobe screw driver.  These cost no more than any other screwdriver but were created to keep most people out of the inside of their phone.  Other phone platforms require no special tools. They mainly use the pentalobe of a different size and a phillips screw driver. These pentalobe screw drivers can be found pretty much anywhere, but eBay is the best place to start.


So, if you have thought about making money repairing phones, and have the drive, you really should take a dive into it and see what it’s all about.  It’s not hard at all and you will be surprised at how fast word of mouth travels when you’re one of the few that repairs phones in your town.